Things I’ve made.

  • My Portfolio Website

    A site that showcases my work and provides a place for me to write about my experiences built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript.

  • LeetCode DSA

    A collection of my solutions to LeetCode problems. All solutions are written in Python.

  • Basic Camera App with Core Data Syncing

    A camera app built with SwiftUI and Core Data.

  • Posters Shopping App

    A posters shopping app built with SwiftUI in MVVM architecture.

  • Reading Books Tracker App

    A reading books tracker app built with SwiftUI and Core Data that able to send Local Notifications.

  • Wallet App

    A wallet app built with SwiftUI.

  • Planner

    A simple task manager app built with SwiftUI.

  • QR Scanner

    A fun and engaging QR code scanner app using SwiftUI.

  • iOS Control Center Mockup

    A mockup of the iOS Control Center using SwiftUI.